A Guide to Setting Up Your DoWize to Become a Great & Wisely Social Media & Content Marketer!

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How to SignUp

1. Go to this address: ‘https://www.dowize.co’ 2. Then click on ‘SIGNUP’ button 3. Provide your Email, Full-Name, Company Name, Password 4. Then click ‘REGISTER’ to confirm your sign up

Login to use DoWize

You can login to use DoWize by 2 Methods Method 1  Go to ‘https://app.dowize.co’ Fill in your Email and Password then click ‘Sign In’ Method 2  Go to ‘https://www.dowize.co’ Click on ‘LOGIN’ button Fill in your Email and Password then click ‘LOGIN’ You’ll automatically back to Homepage Then Click on ‘START!’ button at the Top-right…

How to Set Up

How to Use

A Quick Start Guide PDF

A Quick start guide PDF

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