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How to Create, Edit, and Publish Post


To Create, Edit, and Publish Post

Go to ‘’

Click on menu ‘Posts’

You’ll find a Post Calendar at the right side. A Project Bar is on the top-left side, so you can choose a project to create or edit Post. To create post, click on “Create Post” button.

  1. Choose your Type of Content as you want to create. You can choose 3 types as a Message, Message with Photo, and Message with VDO.

2. Choose a Channel that you want to publish your content.
(Its will show only the channel that been connected.)

3. Write your content and Upload your image, photo, VDO. Its will real-time display a Post Preview with 100% same as posting on social media at your right side.

4. Provide a Topic or Name of your content. Schedule the Date and Time to Publish or ‘Save as Daft’ or even ‘Post Now’.

5. If you don’t want to publish you can also ‘Save as Draft

6. In case of you want to publish immediately, you can turn on ‘Post Now’ toggle then click on ‘Post’ button.

7. Click ‘OK’ to confirm your post.

Examine you Content Status at Content Calendar.

Recheck your content correction by using Content Preview.
You can click on the content label on calendar and then choose a media channel to preview your content.

Noted :

Every Post via DoWize its will take within 5 minutes to appear on each channel.

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