How to Create a Project


To Create a Project

Go to ‘’

Click on menu ‘My Projects’

2. Click ‘ADD’

Fill in these Project Information

1. Fill in the Project Name, Email, and Number of Content that you have to manage for each month

2. Choose you Project Start Date and End Date at the ‘Project Status’

3. Choose to Active or Inactive a function “Required approve before publish” in case of your content need someone to approve before its publish.

4. Choose to Active or Inactive a function “Active Project” in case of your project has done, you can inactive this function to turn off the project in Post menu.

3. Assign ‘Team Members’ in the Project

Choose your member then click on “Add” button to assign member into project. Then click on “Create Project” on the top-right side to confirm to Create a Project.

How to Add Team Member

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