How to Add Team Member


To Add a Team Member

Go to ‘’

Click on menu ‘My Team’

You’ll find a list of all Team Members. You can add or edit or delete you team member and also can assign a role to access in the project to each team member.

To Add a Team Member, Click on ‘Add’

1. To add team member, please fill in ‘Team Information’  as a
Full-Name, Email, and Phone number.

2. Assign a Role to give them a permission to Create or Edit project or post. At the function ‘Role’

ADMIN  is a Project administrator, who has all access to Project and Post, can create or edit or delete project team member.

is Project member, who is an associate in the project, can access to create or edit Project and Post but cannot add or delete team member.

How to use ‘Post Performance’

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