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Plan. Create & Edit with Real-Time Preview while Editing. Content Approval Workflow and Status Tag. Then Publish or Schedule Post to Multichannel at once!

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All Features

Here are current features of DoWize. (Early Access Version)

Content Calendar

With our Content Calendar, you can plan your content marketing for a month or a week in advance.

Shareable Calendar

You can share your content calendar to anyone by just one click. Give stakeholders clear visibility on how your content marketing strategy comes to fruition.

Approval Workflow

With this feature, you can sharpen your content marketing process and ensure only approved content goes live. You can set the authority or team leader to approve outgoing content, so your organization’s social media posts stay on workflow.

Customize Post by Channels

Because posting multiple channels is not just a Duplication. So with DoWize you will able to customize your content by each social media platform in one place.

Preview while Editing

With a real-time post preview while you editing a content that will show you how’s your post looks like on each platform. It’s exactly matched with a platform logic 100%

Auto Post Tagging

Save time with auto content status tagging, so you can manage and keep content moving forward efficiently.

Manage Multiple Project

You can manage all your Social Media & Content Marketing Project from one platform.

Schedule a Sharelink Post

With DoWize, you can schedule even a Sharelink content to your social media profile for driving more traffic to your website!

Schedule Multi-Photo Post

With this feature, you can schedule multiple photos in one post and also publish to multiple platforms at once!

Team Member Accessibility

Give team members access to a shared project of on-brand social content and assets—saving time and improving the consistency of responses.

Schedule or Publish Automatically to Multichannel

Auto publishes your content, photos, and videos to all of your social media profiles and publishing platform.

Analytic Dashboard

DoWize Analytics allows you to measure in real-time your posts’ performances once they have been published. So you can track and compare multiple types of data.

Auto Publishing with DoWize is 100% safe.

DoWize passed the app review and approval by Facebook inc. and uses the Facebook and Instagram Graph API for publishing, so your account is always safe.

Why DoWize

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The Old Way 😭

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❌ So many apps to open for working.
❌ Spend so much time to manage all Social Platforms.
❌ STRUGGLE to get all social media tasks done.
❌ Lack of Seamlessly workflow for Team Managing on Your Social Media.
❌ And so much pain that make you not get enough achievement on your Social Media & Content Marketing Project.

The Smarter Way 😊

The only platform you will ever need !

✅All-in-one Social Media Management tool.
✅Save a Ton of Time!
✅Simple Management Multiple Social Account & Project with ease.
✅No need to Switching between platforms.
✅Share & Collaborate with internal or external so easy!

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